Skyrim Helgen Reborn

2013-05-17 04:29:08 by Dnhodge

The new Mod is out! Please endorse this masterwork! And don't forget to check out me as your favorite Fight Cave announcer Wiglaf! He was a pleasure to voice!

Skyrim Helgen Reborn

New original audio project.

2013-05-05 02:19:13 by Dnhodge

Created a brand new original audio submission. All voices and writing done myself. Check it!

New dub i'm in

2013-04-26 04:49:31 by Dnhodge

Just did a one liner for Alypkm's new mewtwo animation! honestly i hadn't even done this voice before when i sent it in, so go visit my Mewtwo audition sample if you want to hear the current voice.

Heres the video:

Please subscribe to him!

Voice actor ahoy!

2013-04-12 18:04:28 by Dnhodge

Hello everyone, i am a 3 year voice acting youtuber and its my first time using the newgrounds site for my work. If you need any sort of voice for your animations or film projects, please contact me! Check out my demo reel for impressions of my work!

Voice actor ahoy!